Friday, February 10, 2012


Our boy is completely potty trained!!!  He was so great with it all.  He has been excited about underwear from the start.  In fact, all through December he would throw big fits when we put diapers on him.  The only bad thing with him wearing underwear was that he wanted to wear ONLY his underwear.  Sort of a cold time of year to be doing that.  He even spent Christmas festivities over at Papa's and Nanno's in only his underwear!!  He has had very few accidents and doesn't even use pull-ups at all!!!  I love that even almost 2 months later he's still so proud of himself.  He says in a high pitched voice, "Yay Carter!!!  I go pee pee!!"  Then he runs in the other room to tell everyone else.  This has been the easiest child to break of everything.  (Breastfeeding, bottles, nuk/paci, and diapers)

Here was his wardrobe for December!!
Team Work!!! Brother/sister bonding!!
Christmas night in boxer briefs!!