Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NATIONAL BOARD.................

Here is a big reason I've been such a slacker on this blog.  I turned in this horrible portfolio for my National Board Teachers Certification on March 31st right at the deadline.  It is one of the most stressful things I've done. I have really never turned in anything where I have had no idea how I've done.  Now I have the testing left to prep for and have to wait until November to see if I passed.  Here are some of the pictures of me working on it.  I'm sorry to my students, family, and friends who have had to listen to me stress about this for months.  I'm especially sorry to Jeremiah, Caroline, and Carter for compromising time I would have been spending with them.  Now I need to get caught up on here and prep for my testing!!!
Working at Starbucks on a beautiful Sunday here.
Putting it together to mail off.  (This took 5 hours alone!!)
At the post office.  (I found one that was open late.  Thank goodness!)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


On Friday, March 11th, Carter finished all his antibiotics.  On Saturday he was good except for a runny nose.  Then at 3 am, I heard him on the monitor.  He was trying to cough but couldn't.  There was a horrible sound coming out.  He wasn't breathing well either.  He also had a fever.  So off to the ER we went. Caroline was sound asleep the whole time.  When we got there they said he had croup cause by a virus.  They gave him liquid epinephrine and a breathing treatment.  They watched him for a while and then sent us home. We got home about 7:30 am.  Poor little Carter just can't catch a break.  After breathing treatments and a little time, he's pretty much all better.  He sure has gotten fussy though.  He's been throwing some good fits!!  We had all our friends and family calling and checking on us again.  Sweet Sheree brought over dinner one night too.  We are so blessed to have so many that care about us. The Friday before all this, we had fires so close to us.  We rushed home from work and grabbed the computer (pictures) and got Pickles out of the house, then picked up the kids and went to Nanno and Papa's.  It was scary.  There was a fire in our neighborhood but didn't get any houses thank goodness.  The fires did get some homes though.  So sad!! We had to miss Caroline's recital.  :(

Fire trucks in the neighborhood.
Sick little boy AGAIN!
What Caroline did the whole hospital visit.  Then she was wide awake when we got home.
Feeling better a couple of days later.


I'm back.  It's been a long time.  Right after I wrote the post below, Carter woke from his nap.  We noticed his neck was swollen and red.  We called the doctor and they said to take him back to the after hours clinic.  It was a Saturday.  As I was putting his shoes on, I noticed his fingers and toes were purple and cold and he was shaky and feverish.  So we went to the ER.  They did everything on the poor boy.  They drew blood, took x rays, ultrasound, and even a lumbar puncture to test for meningitis.  They diagnosed him with cellulitis of the lymph node and possible meningitis.  The doctor wanted to treat him for both, so he was admitted to the hospital.  He said he had never seen lymph nodes so big on a little one. The sweet little guy was so good through everything.  I couldn't believe it.  We were there until Tuesday evening.  It was frustrating because we only got to talk with a doctor for about 15 minutes a day and it was a different one everyday.  We should have gone to the hospital where his doctor is close, but we were scared and went to the closest one.  Oh, the scratches on his face are from earlier in the day when he was feeling good.  He ran outside and missed the step off the porch.  So, he got to look and feel awful!!

What his neck looked like when we headed to the ER.
On oxygen.
Daddy getting him to smile finally.
So pitiful!!
Finally eating some cheerios.
starting to act like Carter again.

finally eating again.
my favorite picture even though it breaks my heart!!
They finally let him go for a walk.
By Monday he was feeling better and wanted out of that bed.  It was exhausting trying to keep him entertained from a bed.  He was so weak at first and had such wobbly legs. 
We missed Caroline so much.  I just felt sick not being around her.  She got to stay with Nanno and Papa though and had a blast.  She tried telling me on the day Carter came home that he was not well and needed to stay another night in the hospital. 

Last hospital meal!!
He had to take antibiotics for 10 days after returning home.  Poor thing had constant diarrhea from it and diaper rash.  I can't tell you how good it felt to all be back at home together that night.  I almost couldn't hold it together watching Caroline and Carter play together again.  How thankful I was he was ok.  Everyone was so sweet to us through all this.  Brittany and Catch brought him a balloon and package and cards from all his daycare class.  I just bawled when I read them all.  How sweet. Brenda brought some cookies and books for Caroline and Carter.  Grandma Skaar sent Carter a cute card and animal. We had so many calling and texting through our stay and after. We have such sweet friends and family.
All his get well wishes.