Thursday, February 25, 2010


Part of the fun of gymnastics nights is the car ride to Edmond and getting to listen to Caroline talk all the way there. 
Here was the conversation as soon as we got in the car from daycare. 
CAROLINE: What's that smell mom?
ME:  What does it smell like, coffee?
CAROLINE:  Yeah.  What are you drinking coffee for?  It's not morning!! 
ME:  Because I'm really tired and I need something to wake me up. 
CAROLINE:  What for??  (the why everything stage has arrived!!!)
ME:  I need something to wake me up because I'm tired. 
CAROLINE:  Oh ok mom.  So, you were sleeping in your car???
ME:  Oh noooooooooo!!  Haha. 
Funny girll!!

Next one as we drove on the highway:
CAROLINE:  Mom, is that Lowe's over there?
ME:  (amazed)  Yes.  Wow how did you remember that? 
CAROLINE:  Because I love Lowe's mom!!  (she ends or starts everything with Mom.) 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Our sweet little guy is already 9 months old!!!  I just can't believe it.  Before I know it, I won't even have a baby anymore!!  Here's what he's up to since my last update:
- Carter is making so many sounds.  He says Momma now when he's happy, not just upset.  :)
He said Dada yesterday.  Sunday he was playing with the ladybug on his saucer saying Bu bu bu.   
- He has started reaching up for me when I walk near him.  It's hard not to pick him up when he looks up with those blue eyes and chubby cheeks!!
- He is grabbing at EVERYTHING!!
- He cries when Caroline cries.  It's pretty pitiful.  He loves his sister. 
- He is napping a lot less.
- He gives high fives.  It started out trying to teach him to wave hi, and it turned into a high five.  He seems to enjoy that one more. 
- He gives me the sweetest kisses.  That's my favorite!!!
-Carter is still not crawling, but he's a pro at turning circles.  Then he gets mad and rolls onto his back.  He's in no rush to do all the crawling and pulling up.  A part of me is ok with this because it means he's going to be a baby longer, but his best friend Catch is about to walk.  Speaking of comparing Carter and Catch, Carter is about 2 pounds and 2 inches smaller than his buddy.  Carter does have him beat in # of teeth though.  He has 6 and is cutting more as we speak!! 
-At his appointment, Carter weighed in at 19 pounds 15 ounces and measured 26 3/4 in lenghth.  This was the 25-50th percentile in both.  Dr. Dooley does want to see him in a month to check his head circumference again.  She's a little concerned because it went from 50th to 75th to 97th percentile in 9 months.  Caroline's was always in the 90th, but Carter's didn't start there, where hers did.  We'll have to say some prayers that everything's ok and he won't need a scan of his brain next month. 
Carter Edward is just as precious as can be.  We are so in love with this little guy.  (Caroline's getting there!)
Giving high fives.  


I've seen a lot of people do a wordless Wednesday post every week.  I think I'll try this since I tend to be so wordy in my blogs.  Haha.  Maybe it wouldn't hurt to just have a picture. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My pretty Valentine's tulips are blooming!!!  We had a pretty uneventful weekend.  The weather was yucky and I felt yucky.  
 Friday night Jeremiah and I went out for dinner at Othellos.  It was really good.  Nanno and Papa came over to stay with the babies.  They had lots of fun!!!  Carter was in bed when we got home and Caroline was awake waiting up on us.  Saturday, I felt really yucky so we just stayed around the house while Jeremiah taught driver's ed.  Carter slept very little and Caroline didn't nap until about 4 pm.  One minute she was playing and the next she was asleep on the chair with Pickles.  Then Carter finally took a nap on the couch.  Finally, they were both asleep at the same time!!!  For a little while anyway.  So, I got to watch a little bit of the Olympics and rest.  After Jeremiah got home I got to use my new giant skillet from Mims.  I love it!!  I cooked perogies and only used 1 pan instead of 4 like I usually have to do.  THANK YOU MIMS!!!  After Caroline woke up, she ended up staying up until almost midnight.  It was hard to make her go to bed because she was so hyper and happy!!!  Sunday, it was really cold and yucky out, so we just hung out while Jeremiah drove again.  I started to feel a little better, so Caroline and I got out and went to Target to get baby food.  Somehow we also left with and Ariel doll.  She talked me into it!!!  HAPPY 9 MONTH BIRTHDAY CARTER!!!!.  (on Sunday)


I just love talking to this little girl.  She takes in everything I say and remembers everything too!!!
     -Friday night Jeremiah and I went out to eat for a late Valentines date.  We were only gone a few hours, but I couldn't believe how much I missed our babies!!!
After we got home, I went in to change into some comfy clothes and Caroline followed me.  I told her how much I missed her and she gave me the biggest hug and said so passionately, "Oh mom!!.  I love you so much."  I just wanted to bawl!!!  I don't know how I'm going to leave them for 3 or 4 days to go somewhere for spring break when I can hardly be away for a few hours!!
    -Sometimes Caroline gets really upset when a show she likes is over or it breaks for commercials.
Sunday morning as we were eating our pancakes, one of her shows ended.  Here was the conversation:
Caroline: Another show will come on, so don't worry mom.
Me:  Laughed
Caroline:  Why did I just say that???,   don't worry. 
Me:  Probably because I say that to you.
Caroline: Oh, ok mom. I understand.  

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dr. Adolf Brown III: AMAZING

I had the priviliege of seeing Dr. Brown's presentation twice last week.  He is an amazing motivational speaker.  He came from rough childhood in Philly. He eventually went on to become a teacher, then administrator, then Dr. and Dean.  He now travels the country and speaks to corporations, students, teachers, and parents.  I first heard him Monday when he spoke to 6,000 OKCPS employees.  He was amazing.  Then I got to hear him Tuesday when he spoke to our students.  How lucky are we that he spoke directly to us.  He is so real and doesn't hold back anything.  Oklahoma City schools reserved him for the entire week.  Last week, he spoke to the employees, students all around the district, and even spoke to the parents.  I just wish everyone could hear what he has to say.  It's funny because all these things I say to my students, he said it too.  I'm sure they think it's way cooler coming from him than me, so I was glad to hear some of them say, "Mrs. Graham, you say that too."  They've been calling me Mrs. G.  from the Freedom Writers.  I guess I need to watch it again and see what they mean.  Here are some pictures of his presentation to our students.  I'll try to post more later about specifics he discussed. 
He was in this disguise as he mingled with the crowd.  No one knew who he was.  He got on stage later and discussed how he was treated by being dressed this way. 

He was actually disrupting the start of the presentation.  

He was called on stage for disrupting the show before they revealed who he was.

There he is.  Can you believe he is in his 50's!!! 


Once again I'm late on my Friday Flashback.  Maybe I should give it a different name since it's now Sunday.  Haha!!

I can hardly eat Doritos without this image entering my mind.  This was the day I caught Caroline getting into the pantry and feeding herself and Harlie Doritos.  (this was in September 2008) 
Just a little difficult to be upset with this sweet face!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When I arrived at daycare today and stopped in to say hi to Carter before getting Caroline, I noticed he was a bit fussy.  Miss Kristin said, "Well, he's been a little fussy ever since I put this outfit on him when he spilled his bottle on the other."  When she pulled him out of the jumper, I couldn't believe how tiny his outfit looked on him.  It was skin tight and the legs went just below his knees instead of to his ankles!!!  How has he grown this much in 2 weeks????  That was when I put that outfit in his diaper bag as a backup outfit.  I always get sentimental when Caroline and Carter outgrow certain outfits, but this one was funny!!!  I just couldn't believe the change.  We ended up putting on his baby legs under the outfit so his legs wouldn't freeze when we went outside.  I wonder how big he's going to be when we go for his 9 month well visit next week!!
Look how tight and short!!!


Last night Carter was all happy rolling around on the floor, so I thought I would get a shot of him in his "baby legs".  I was so pleasantly surprised when his smile stayed on his face even when I got the camera out.  Better enjoy these.  Who knows when I'll get him to smile for the camera again!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow, for someone who never really make a big deal out of Valentine's day, I sure have posted a lot on it!!!  What am I, up to about 6 now.  Haha!! 
Today was a good day.  Jeremiah had to get up to do driver's ed, so the majority of the day was spent with Caroline, Carter, and me.  When Carter went down for his nap, Caroline and I  made Daddy a Valentine's card.  We went through many of my magazines and picked out things that he likes.  This was really fun and Caroline got to say what she thinks her Daddy likes.  Right before Jeremiah got home, Caroline was saying that she missed him. Then he showed up with 3 roses (because she's 3 years old)  and a card for her.  I wish I would have gotten her reaction on video because it was just precious!!  She was so excited and surprised.  Thank you Jeremiah for making her feel so special.  I love that she will never have to doubt how much she is loved by her Daddy.  Oh, and he got me a really sweet card and some tulips.  What a sweet guy!!!
Happy Valentine's to our Daddy who loves.......

But most of all Daddy loves Caroline and Carter!!

Carter waiting on Daddy to come home. 



I've never been a big Valentine's person, but I guess having kiddos changes that!!  As usual, I took on more than I have time to do, but we had fun prepping for the Valentine's Day at daycare.  I decided to try and make handmade cards for all of Caroline's classmates and Carter's best friend Catch and their teachers.  I didn't realize that we wouldn't even get started until 9:30 after the cupcakes were made and we had dinner.  Needless to say, I ended up being up until 1:00am finishing them up, but that's ok. I had fun doing it!! 
Just call me Martha!!  Haha.  

This was colored at school that day.  Sweet!!

In the works!!

For Carter's best friend.

For Caroline's classmates.
Friday morning:  dressed up and ready to go!!
Carter too!!