Monday, May 31, 2010


Carter's party was lots of fun with lots of friends and family!!  Thank goodness Nannie was around to help decorate and clean.  I probably went overboard with decorations for a one year old's party, but he's worth it!!!  Caroline wanted the theme to be trucks.  The poor little guy didn't feel well at all, but he still had a good time and got lots of cute clothes and toys. 
Oops.  Someone misspelled Carter's name!!!

What a cute cake Nanno made!!

There he goes!!!  Yummy!!

Poor little boy did not feel well!!
Worn out!!!


Last Saturday we went to Catch's party and it was lots of fun.  Carter got lots of hugs from Best Friend and Caroline played and made friends with a couple of cute little boys.  They seemed pretty enamored with her. 
We wanted to go to the zoo after, but Carter was tired and getting sick, so I took him home for a nap and Caroline, Jeremiah, and Nannie went to Bass Pro Shop and walked around Bricktown.

Oops.  Crying again.  Poor Catch....  He just wants to love on Carter!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010


We were all excited for Caroline's first tap performance, but I think we were the only ones.  Caroline really didn't perform much of the dance.  She mostly stood there just barely doing the moves, in fact, she even yawned in the middle of it.  I don't think she could have looked any cuter though.  Nanno fixed up a skirt she already had.  It looked so cute!!  ( I think she was still half asleep from her late nap)
Pre-show: Getting glittered up. 

The entrance:  She looked ready to go here!!

Aw.   Tired girl!!!

Carter: flirting with some of the pretty little dancers!!!


Friday started with the CT scan, which was no fun.  Caroline got to stay home with Nannie for a few hours and have her all to herself!!  When we got home, Jeremiah left for work and we make a practice cake for Carter to get in to.   Caroline got to help in her pretty blue tutu.  Then we went outside for the photo shoot.  What a mess!!!  After that, it was naptime.  Nannie and I worked on either cleaning house or making decorations for the party coming up on Sunday.  We had to wake the kiddos up to get ready for Caroline's big tap performance.  Then we got the best phone call ever!!!  The nurse called to say that Carter's results came back good.  We headed out to the gym for the big show.  (I'll post about that in a minute)  After the show, we went to the mall to get Carter some shoes from our giftcard from Mimsy.  They only had one shoe in the whole store that was his size and then they didn't even fit his foot right.  I guess I'll be ordering them online.  Happy Birthday sweet Carter!!!  It sure was an eventful day!!!