Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2013
Caroline and Kristi
Carter and Kristi
Chase and Kristi

Mother's Day 2015

Today we went to church and learned all about how Mother’s Day became a national holiday.  Apparently, it was started by a Methodist woman named Anna Jarvis who wanted to set aside a day to honor mothers, "the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world".  According to Anna Jarvis, people should take the time to do three things on Mother’s Day.  First, they should go to church as a family.  Second, they should give their mother a carnation.  It seems that a carnation is appropriate because the arrangement of the pedals (something about the pedals surrounding the bud like a mother’s love surrounding her children).  Third, Anna Jarvis said people should take the time to write their mother a note of appreciation and love.  As I sat listening to the sermon today I thought about how important it is to keep Mother’s Day as simple as Anna Jarvis intended it.  It should be a day to spend with your mother (if possible), a day to give her a something simple but beautiful (a flower), and a day to express to her how much you love her. 

A day spent with Kristi: 

We attended church at St. Luke’s in OKC. 

We ate lunch at Big Truck Taco.

We visited with family at Melanie’s house.

A flower:

Kristi jumped the gun on this one because she took Caroline to buy flowers for her flower pots yesterday afternoon.  She did receive a carnation from St. Luke’s after church today so I believe that we have this one covered.

A note to Kristi:

Kristi reminds me every year that she would like a note from her kids more than anything for Mother’s Day.  This is one of many things that I love about the mother of my children.  She doesn’t need nor want a day at the spa or other fancy over done Mother’s Day gifts.  A simple note of appreciation and love is what matters to her the most.  A few years ago I found a Mother’s Day Questionnaire template on Pinterest (no I do not have an account) and had the kids (Caroline and Carter) fill it out for fun.  I can’t remember what they said or what we did with them.  I thought this year it would be fun to have them fill out the questionnaire and put it on our family blog.  Here’s what the kids had to say:

Caroline:  age 8 ½

My mom’s name is Kristin Layne

My mom is 40 years old

My mom is a teacher

My mom laughs when I burp loudly at the table

My mom always says “get off the Ipad”

My mom cooks the best SnickerDoodle Cookies

My mom and I like to go to Target together

My mom’s has the most beautiful eyes

I love my mom because she is crazy.  She tries to laugh and talk at the same time


Carter:  age almost 6

My mom’s name is Kristin Graham

My mom is 30 years old

My mom is a teacher “she tests the kids”

My mom laughs when I dance to the Happy Song

My mom always says “make a happy plate”

My mom cooks the best chicken nuggets and French fries

My mom and I like to go to book store together

My mom’s has the most beautiful hair, teeth, and nose

I love my mom because she hugs me and calls me Carter Bear


Chase:  age 2 1/2

My mom’s name is Momma Kwisti

My mom is 10 years old

My mom is a girl

My mom laughs when I say “I’m on a diet” and when I burp

My mom always says “Chaser Wacer”

My mom cooks the best chicken nuggets and french fries

My mom and I like to go to Haroline and Carter’s games

My mom’s has the most beautiful smile

I love my mom because she gives me caramel milk


Monday, September 9, 2013


Caroline had a big weekend.  She started machine pitch.  They played two games in their tournament.  In the second game, she had one of the best hits I saw all day.  She was so proud that it didn't even bother her that she got thrown out at first base. It was soooo hot, but the players and Carter and Chase did great. 
Go Honeys!!  So exciting!!!  
Hot little brothers!!
Papa came to watch. 
Chandler and Abby are still with the little Honeys (tball team).  They sat in the dugout and cheered on the big Honeys (machine pitch). So cute!!  The Honeys loooooove Chase!!
Saturday was the entire teams' first time to play machine pitch.  I wonder if there were some nerves. 
3rd place!!! They played for their first time!! It's funny how Caroline is now the baby of the team again.  I remember when she first started tball and was the timy one.  That seems so long ago now.  :(
Are these Honeys cute or what!!!!
In between games, Malerie came home with us.  She and Caroline sure tried to get Chase to walk.  
Funny pic of Jason.  Chase fell asleep during the last game. Amy wanted to hold him, but then passed him to Jason while she took pictures.  See below.....
Jason was just trying to look uncomfortable.

Yay Caroline and Coach Graham!! (Amy Schmitz photo)
Love this!! (Amy Schmitz photo)
Such happy girls!! (Amy Schmitz photo)
Have you ever seen a more dirty kid???  We were cracking up when we got him in the house.  Thanks to Jeremiah for adding ice cream on top of the many layers of dirt.  Carter and his new friend Ethan drove and drove and drove their trucks!!!  They sure had fun!!

 More from last week....................
This is Chase's new thing.... when Caroline and Carter go out to play, he stands in the doorway and yells at them.  So cute.  Soon he'll be out there running around with them!!

Chase loves bathtime.  I think he likes to be wrapped up in his towel afterward more than anything!!  He grins and laughs the whole time I'm wrapping him up. Must remind him of his swaddling days. 
Mimsy celebrated her 61st birthday this weekend.  I wish we could have been with her.  I think she just keeps getting prettier.  Caroline told me that she still looks like she's in her 30's!!!  I agree!!
Trips to the grocery store are always fun with these two!!!
This little cutie took about 7-8 steps yesterday!!!  He also likes to just stand alone and clap his hand and yell.  He also thinks it's funny to shake his head.  Silly guy!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Last week was busy, but we started feeling pretty settled in to school.  Caroline started doing homework and had her first spelling test.  I got word that Carter was doing much better at school.  Chase is still not sleeping well, but is super pleasant besides that.  Here are highlights of the week and Labor Day weekend. 
Caroline worked hard on her homework.  I had her write each spelling work 5 times, then gave her a practice test.  If she missed any, she would write them another 5 times.  She got them all right.  She also made sure to sneak some cats in on her school paper.  Too funny!!! 
 On Thurday, they had the PTA Ice Cream Social.  Caroline went straight from gymnastics.  Look how attentive all the girls are to Caroline and Carter.  Cute!!
The girls loved Carter.  He wanted everything they offered him..... strawberry, carmel, and chocolate syrup and sprinkles.  They were laughing at him.  Caroline just wanted hers plain. 
Funny one here.  Chase was the only one who seemed to notice I was taking a picture.  He loves the camera!!
Love this sweet face!! (and that dirty cheek)
Such little buddies.  He looks at her like Carter does.  So sweet!!
Starting to get into everything.  I'm not sure why the garbage can is still standing though. 
It was gameday Friday at school.  I guess they weren't too enthused about having their pictures made.  The buddies are sitting together.  Of course Carter didn't want to sit by Chase, so he's doing his own thing. 
My favorite one. 
Look what Caroline came home with on Friday.  We are sooo proud.  I think we were all a little nervous about it.  She said she wrote the A+ before she turned it in.  Little Miss Confident!!
Yay!!  Football season is here!!  This was Saturday morning. 
We met Taylor and the Smith's for some playtime at the pool.  
Caroline being Caroline and Carter being Carter at Sams after the pool. 
 On Monday, we went to Twin Hills with the Gentry's.  They had a DJ and lots of activities for the kids. 
 Water balloon toss. 
More of Chase below.

Friday, August 30, 2013


This silly girl has started putting signs up to keep others out of her room.  It has really been going on for a while, but I just got pictures recently. 
This one is in the hall.
On her door. (need to work on spelling :))
Her name is not misspelled to her.  Sometimes she likes to tell me that I spelled her name wrong because Care is not spelled "car" like it is in her name.  Silly girl!!
At the beginning of the summer, Carter's class traced their bodies and cut them out to bring home.  Caroline taped it on his door and then proceeded to decorate it. 
She later made her own version of herself to put on her door.  I love her creativity!!
Love the tattoos!!
By the way, that tattoo is Caroline.  Haha!!
Of course hers is wearing a cat shirt!! :)


The first week back at school was eventful.  We had Caroline's gymnastics on Tuesday and Thursday, Carter's ball practice on Tuesday and Thursday, Caroline's ball practice on Wednesday and Sunday, a trip to Pops, a slumber party for Caroline, and a ball tournament for Carter. 
As far as school goes, Caroline had a great first week.  She kept saying "I love 1st grade!!"  Carter's week didn't start off so smoothly.  He had some notes of concern in his agenda and a phone call.  I love love love his teacher.  She has never once seemed annoyed with Carter.  She just keeps saying that she wants his experience to be enjoyable.  By Friday, I had a call from her saying he was doing great!!!  Whew!!!!
Just in case anyone was wondering........ I think it's safe to say that Caroline still loves cats!! :)
On Monday night, we had a nice visit from Brittany, Catch, and Brooks.  Brittany and I got to catch up and they boys got to play.  They LOVE these funny glasses!!!

On Friday, Jeremiah had a great idea to take all of us out to eat to celebrate the 1st week of school.  We thought Pops would be a good family friendly place to go.  Too bad it ended up being an awful experience to the point where we will not be returning!!!  Our wait was over an hour.  Not good with 3 kids!!  When I called ahead, they said there was no need to reserve a spot, that they weren't busy enough.  Then.... Jeremiah found a hair in his food.  (the really bad kind of hair) 
At least the kids didn't realize all this and had fun. 
Caroline picked a kitty drink (of course!!), Carter picked chocolate milk, and Chase had a sippy cup. 
Caroline got to do lots of handstands outside during our LENGTHY wait. 
They have been begging for a while for pancakes, so Daddy was nice enough to make some Saturday morning. 
While Daddy was cooking, Chase and I played ball.  He loves this ball!!
Pre-season Tournament.  Go Cubbies!! 
Little superstar!!
Chase was an angel baby all day and it was HOT!!! 
We are sooooo proud of Carter!!  He played great.  He ran fast to 1st base and hit the ball much better.  When he crossed home plate, he stood and looked at the crowd and put his hands on his hips, then arms out to the side while smiling.  What a goofball!!  He was definitely proud of himself!!  He sure was entertaining to watch!!!  I need to get that on video soon!!! My description doesn't do it justice!! 

On Saturday night, Caroline had a slumber party at Abby's for her birthday.  They played and set off lanterns at sunset.  She had a wonderful time.  I just love her little friends!!
I got to hang out at home with the boys.  
On Sunday Carter played two more games and the Cubs won the tournament!!!  Look at these happy little Cubbies. 
That trophy looks so big!!
I love this one below.  He looks so happy!!  His name was called to go get his trophy.