Friday, August 30, 2013


This silly girl has started putting signs up to keep others out of her room.  It has really been going on for a while, but I just got pictures recently. 
This one is in the hall.
On her door. (need to work on spelling :))
Her name is not misspelled to her.  Sometimes she likes to tell me that I spelled her name wrong because Care is not spelled "car" like it is in her name.  Silly girl!!
At the beginning of the summer, Carter's class traced their bodies and cut them out to bring home.  Caroline taped it on his door and then proceeded to decorate it. 
She later made her own version of herself to put on her door.  I love her creativity!!
Love the tattoos!!
By the way, that tattoo is Caroline.  Haha!!
Of course hers is wearing a cat shirt!! :)


The first week back at school was eventful.  We had Caroline's gymnastics on Tuesday and Thursday, Carter's ball practice on Tuesday and Thursday, Caroline's ball practice on Wednesday and Sunday, a trip to Pops, a slumber party for Caroline, and a ball tournament for Carter. 
As far as school goes, Caroline had a great first week.  She kept saying "I love 1st grade!!"  Carter's week didn't start off so smoothly.  He had some notes of concern in his agenda and a phone call.  I love love love his teacher.  She has never once seemed annoyed with Carter.  She just keeps saying that she wants his experience to be enjoyable.  By Friday, I had a call from her saying he was doing great!!!  Whew!!!!
Just in case anyone was wondering........ I think it's safe to say that Caroline still loves cats!! :)
On Monday night, we had a nice visit from Brittany, Catch, and Brooks.  Brittany and I got to catch up and they boys got to play.  They LOVE these funny glasses!!!

On Friday, Jeremiah had a great idea to take all of us out to eat to celebrate the 1st week of school.  We thought Pops would be a good family friendly place to go.  Too bad it ended up being an awful experience to the point where we will not be returning!!!  Our wait was over an hour.  Not good with 3 kids!!  When I called ahead, they said there was no need to reserve a spot, that they weren't busy enough.  Then.... Jeremiah found a hair in his food.  (the really bad kind of hair) 
At least the kids didn't realize all this and had fun. 
Caroline picked a kitty drink (of course!!), Carter picked chocolate milk, and Chase had a sippy cup. 
Caroline got to do lots of handstands outside during our LENGTHY wait. 
They have been begging for a while for pancakes, so Daddy was nice enough to make some Saturday morning. 
While Daddy was cooking, Chase and I played ball.  He loves this ball!!
Pre-season Tournament.  Go Cubbies!! 
Little superstar!!
Chase was an angel baby all day and it was HOT!!! 
We are sooooo proud of Carter!!  He played great.  He ran fast to 1st base and hit the ball much better.  When he crossed home plate, he stood and looked at the crowd and put his hands on his hips, then arms out to the side while smiling.  What a goofball!!  He was definitely proud of himself!!  He sure was entertaining to watch!!!  I need to get that on video soon!!! My description doesn't do it justice!! 

On Saturday night, Caroline had a slumber party at Abby's for her birthday.  They played and set off lanterns at sunset.  She had a wonderful time.  I just love her little friends!!
I got to hang out at home with the boys.  
On Sunday Carter played two more games and the Cubs won the tournament!!!  Look at these happy little Cubbies. 
That trophy looks so big!!
I love this one below.  He looks so happy!!  His name was called to go get his trophy.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st DAY OF SCHOOL 2013

The first day of school went really well overall.  I just can't believe I have a first grader and a Pre-K'er!!
Caroline has Mrs. Budd this year.  She is the twin sister of Caroline's teacher from last year, Mrs. Rusler.  She is soooo excited!! 
Carter has Mrs. Melton.  I have heard wonderful things about her.  The greatest of all, is that she's very patient.  She may need to be with Carter.  ;) 
How we ended up the morning of the 1st day!!  

 Here they are with their signs. I started this last year with Caroline. She changed professions this year (maybe it has something to do with loving her teacher last year and having two aunts that teach elementary)
Every year, I take off the morning of the first day to help walk them across the street to school and then to their classes.  It was so nice to have Jeremiah be there this year.  Caroline was really excited and so much at ease and Carter seemed excited but nervous.  He probably had no idea what was going on.  Haha!!
Daycare friends since they were babies..... now 1st graders!!!
She loves her Daddy!!
Sweet buddies!!
Listening to safety instructions.  
 Sweet boy..... probably wondering what's ahead.
Love big backpacks on little boys!! 
The teachers announced for the big kids to buddy up with the little kids and walk them across the street.  I love that Caroline wanted Carter with her!! 
This one says it all!! 
They're off!!!! 
 I'm sure I was tearing up here!!
Carter looking a little unsure!! 
So happy Taylor is in her class again!!!
She has a desk this year!!!  She looks ready to go!!! I love how happy and at ease she looks!!  

 Caroline's twin teachers. Aren't they cute!!
 She has grown up so much!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am back to blogging.  (I hope!!) My goal is to post at least once a week and catch up on old item as I can. 
Yesterday, Caroline and Carter started to school.  (1st grade and Pre-K).  After walking them to class with the daycare group, I came home and worked on the house.  My laundry is a little out of control right now. 
I just had floods of thoughts rushing through my head all day.  So here are some of them....  I'm writing this because it's mostly things I want to fix or work on about myself. 
Recently, we have had 2 families very dear to us lose their fathers.  It has really hit me hard.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm scared of losing mine or if it's the sadness I feel for all of those who love these men.  Lately, I've been complaining a lot about my dad.  Not because he's done anything bad to anyone, but because I want him to live a happier life.  I think he's home too much and bored which makes him focus on negative things.  Many times when we talk it's all negative, so I guess I've been frustrated with him.  I just want him to live a happy life,  I mean he's retired and has a house thats paid for.  I want him and my stepmom to travel and enjoy their retirement years.  I can't want this for him, he has to want it for himself.  So, I'm going to work on not complaining about him.  I need to just enjoy him while I can for who he is. 
Next, I realized how quickly the kids, especially Caroline, are growing up.  She was so at ease and confident yesterday and it hit me hard.  She is growing up so fast.  She is my only little girl and I have to make more quality time with her.  We do a lot together.  She pretty much goes everywhere with me, but we need more quiet time.  She also told me the other day that I never play with her.  That one about broke my heart.  I love spending time with her.  We have been working on her Thankful Journal a few times a week.  I love how she thinks.  She's so sweet and SO smart.  This will be so nice to look back at in the future.  I really need to focus on is being more "unplugged".  I waste way too much time checking my phone whether it be texts, instagram, or facebook.  I mean, do I really need to know what everyone is doing?  No!!!!!  I grew up perfectly happy not knowing that someone I never see has a cold or their kid used the potty.  But, somehow it's become such a habit to check my phone constantly.  I miss the little things without realizing it.  Jeremiah gave me this poem on Mother's day and it's so true. 

I don't want my kids ever thinking that my phone is more important than they are.  My goal is to check texts only periodically (in case there is an emergency), get on Facebook very little at home (baby steps :)) and when I do get on there, do it after they go to bed or at lunch.
Something else I want to work on is feeling less than.  Sometimes Facebook and Pinterest are really good in helping me with this.  On Facebook, people are putting their best moments on there, so of course everything looks glamorous (Well, besides those who actually like to tell everyone all of their problems).  When I used to frequent Pinterest, I got off of there feeling like a loser because there was no way I could do everything I pinned. 
I think I have solved this issue..... Every night before I fall asleep I thank God for all my blessings.  This really reminds me about how blessed I am.  As far as Pinterest goes, I only get on there about every week to two weeks now.  I have told myself that I can only do what I can do.  I don't need to do the things on there that are for show, just the ones that have meaning.  (I'm talking about the projects. :))  The recipes, maybe I'll try to shoot for a new menu item every week or two.

Ok.  Enough rambling.  I usually don't write this much about me, but I have some things to work on.  Maybe by discussing them on here, I will do them. First day of school post to come soon..............

  Can you say growing up so fast??!!!
1st day of Pre-K

This Summer

Monday, August 19, 2013


August has been a busy month so far. We are missing our July and being on vacation.  We are gearing up for school to start for Caroline and Carter.  Here is a look at our pre school starting part of August. 
Squeezing in more pool time.  They are so grown up...... they love to go to the snack bar all by themselves. 
Chase faces!!! 
Chase in Carter's old PJ's that we love.  He looks soooo cute in them!! The top picture shows his very efficient crawling style. 
This picture is funny because Caroline and Carter used to get caught getting into the bread drawer. 
Looks like Santa needs to bring Chase one of these trucks this year!!  Don't worry, Carter was in the bathtub at this time.  Otherwise, I thing he would have had a fit!!  Dog and his truck!!!! Yikes!!
 Shopping at the outlet mall is always fun!! (not!!)  (way too many of those ride on toys)
Looks like the animals had a picnic with the mini pizzas Caroline and Carter didn't eat.  At least the animals liked them. 
Resting..... Someone likes to sleep with Chase these days.... I'm not talking about Daddy. 
Bathtime fun.  Don't Caroline and Chase look alike!!

Spending evenings outside.  Loved this evening above.  I was feeling a little envious (not good) of a friend's beautiful re-done backyard pictures with stained concrete and lots of trees, then I sat in our backyard with this sweet baby in my lap and watched Carter mow with his Daddy and Caroline doing flips on the trampoline and quickly realized that I had the best view anyone could hope for.  Thankful for my blessings!!
Snow Monster always seems to be dressed in something. 
I guess Chase likes to dress up in my scarves!!  (thanks to Caroline)
Photo shoots......
We did a really cute photo shoot with Carter and Catch's Pre-K pics.  I'll post on this soon.  Bribes with Braums!!
Caroline and I trying some selfies.  Got the fish lips too. :)
Taylor had her half birthday at the pool.  Caroline finally went down the water slide thanks to Taylor.  We have tried everything all summer to get her to go and all it took was Taylor.  We love her!!
School supplies!!  I made it a date with Carter, but he didn't enjoy it too much.  It was sooo crowded and were some fits thrown my Carter over their lack of backpacks.  Oh well, I tried.  I think Caroline likes her folders I surprised her with. 
My favorite..... I love watching them play school.  
Some mom friends and I planned a Mommy Daughter night.  We went to the Disney Magic performance at our church theatre.  It was pretty amazing!!!  The princesses were amazing and completely in character.  On the way home, Caroline was giggling and telling us how Merida asked her what kind of adventures she went on today.  So cute!!!