Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Wednesday the 24th was Jeremiah's and Caroline's actual birthdays.  We happened to be out of school that day for Thanksgiving break so the two of them plus Papa got treated to a movie in bricktown.  They went to see Tangled.  Caroline was so excited.  I really wanted to go, but Caroline's slideshow kept getting deleted so I stayed home to work on that.  They all really liked the movie and they said they have never seen her so quiet.  She got to open a couple of presents first.  Jeremiah got her a Rapunzel doll which she has taken everywhere since!!!!  I gave her the Vintage Baby dress and bow to wear for her party. 
New Bow
Rapunzel.  She LOVES her!!!
We had some fun with Rapunzel's extension!!! 
Look what they got in to while I was cleaning the rest of the kitchen. 
Caroline decided that they could build a castle from food!!!  Guess who got to clean it all up?????
Who needs a dollhouse when you can make one from the food in the pantry!!!

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