Friday, July 20, 2012

JULY SO FAR.............

We had a fun June, so far July has been really good too.  Here are the highlights.  I can't believe we have to go back to work soon!! 

Caroline has enjoyed dressing up Carter.  She was on a kick for a few days where she dressed him up like a baby.  Too funny!

Playdates with Abby.  Carter enjoys her too. 

Carter is really into wearing band-aids and stickers. 

4th of July church service was pretty amazing.  Especially the patriotic music.

We went for cupcakes after to give Daddy some study time.

They love these chairs.

Carter got a big boy bed.  Now we need to re-decorate.  I'm thinking a vintage football theme.

Just woke up and pushing around his truck!!

4th of July......... On the 3rd, we went to eat at Hideaway Pizza and then camped out in the back of the van with some snacks and watched fireworks at the fairgrounds.  On the night of the 4th we hung out with Papa at his house. 

Carter at Colby's birthday party.

Caroline took this.  Blurry, but cute.

Happy Birthday to Papa!!  Cuddling with the bears.

Carter loves to watch movies and snuggle with me.

I've had a yucky cough lately and Carter takes care of me by giving me cough drops all the time.  (sometimes even two at once)

Caroline got Carter ready for swimming all by herself!!

I have taken them swimming at least once a week.  (even though I don't care to be in a swimsuit right now. :))  Here Caroline is showing some boys a ladybug she found.

Having a snack at Twin Hills.............


Pickles likes to hang out on the roof. 

Trip to Barnes and Noble.  :)

Painting............. Caroline dressed them both in these red T-shirts and said, "Ok Momma.  Carter and I are ready to paint."



We are soooo proud of Daddy for finishing his Master's this summer.  Here are Daddy and Carter celebrating. 

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