Monday, April 5, 2010


We decided to finally color the eggs late Saturday evening.  Jeremiah was gone to a track meet most of the day.  Carter took the LONGEST nap, so Caroline took advantage and cleaned out the flower beds.  What a job that was!!!  By then it was evening.  We grilled some salmon for dinner.  The boys fell asleep on the couch and the girls decorated the eggs.  A woman's work is never done!!!  Right Caroline??
Silly girl!!  I got all the cups line up ready for the dye and she put her plastic eggs in to color. 

Ready for the real ones now
I got in trouble for this one.  She said she wanted a Pickles egg, so I wrote his name on one.  She saw this and got upset with me because his face was not on it.  OOPS!!! 
Ok. There he is.  She's happy now!!!
Oh Caroline.  What fun I have with you!!!

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Larsen Family said...

cute. Kenna and i dyed eggs. Unfortunately we only did 12 so it went by fast and i didn't take pcitures