Monday, April 5, 2010


Caroline had her Easter party/egg hunt at school on Friday.  She was so excited that she finally got to wear her Hello Kitty dress from Moo Moo.  She looked gorgeous.  When we got home from daycare, we attempted to take some pictures outside because it was so nice.  Then we met Jeremiah after driver's ed was done and headed to the mall to see the Easter bunny.  We stood in line for 2 hours!!!!  Carter and Caroline were such troopers.  We took turns taking them up and down the escalators and taking Caroline to potty in the meantime. Caroline was scared at first and almost cried, but then decided she liked the bunny.  Carter was fine with the bunny of course. We had complete strangers coming up to us to say how cute Caroline looked and lots and lots of smiles!!  When I can figure out the scanner, I'll put the Easter Bunny picture on here. 
No cooperation!!!
Always so serious for the camera!!
She wanted to wear these to the mall!!  They do match.  Haha.
Cute little feet!!
Handsome boy!!
Ms. Rebecca made these bunnies out of washcloths.  So cute!!
Easter baskets made of milk jugs.
Caroline and Carter's Easter projects.  I know, there's an M in her name.  I can't find the N.

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