Sunday, October 9, 2011


One evening during the week, I was making dinner.  I walked out to the backyard to check on these two and this is what I found.  One was naked and one was soaking wet, but they sure were laughing and having fun!!

Saturday morning was what I had been waiting for.  It was actually cool out when we woke up.  Carter even wanted to layer to go out and push his dump truck.

Beautiful morning for a dump truck drive.

Around lunch time, we met Brittany, Catch, Brenda (Catch's grandma), and her dogs.  We had some yummy snacks and did lots of playing.  Poor Carter and Caroline were burning up.  When I felt how cool the morning was, I guess I assumed it would stay that way all day.  We were burning up after the first 30 minutes.  I was so ready for fall clothes!!

They are so cute!!

Carter loved Brenda's dogs.

Carter has developed Caroline's animal tucked under the arm thing.  I love it!!

They were ready for a bubble bath when we got home.  They got to take one in the big tub!!

I see a cute little bottom!!

I must have left them alone for a minute after they got out of the tub because this is what I found when I came into my room.......................................
They were both tucked under the covers eating french toast and watching cartoons.  There is never a dull moment!!

On Sunday evening as I was getting ready for bed, this is what I found.  Caroline was reading her Bible Stories book by herself in the bathroom. 

She can sure take my breath away.  What a gorgeous girl!!

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