Friday, November 4, 2011


This week was a rough one on a lot of people due to losing two special Del City teachers.  They left behind three wonderful sons.  Jeremiah coached one of them.  On the day of the funeral, Miss Brittany picked up Caroline and Carter and brought them home to stay with them while we attened the service.  We went to Braums with Brittany for dinner, then walked around the neighborhood. Thank you for a nice evening Miss Brittany!!

Then we got the camera out and took pictues of ourselves:

Caroline took this one of me.

On Friday evening, the kids and I stayed home while Jeremiah went to watch a football game.  Usually when Friday gets here, I just want to stay home and relax. 
I love her in jeans!! Too bad I can't get her to wear them.  She says she can't move around enough in them.

On Saturday morning Jeremiah brought home lots of donuts.  There were some excited babies!!

Time for a donut picnic...............(I know there are a lot, but I had to.  I love Carter's expressions)
Shopping with my girl afterward................
I was going to enter these pictures in contest, but forgot to send them in. Darn!!

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