Monday, September 9, 2013


Caroline had a big weekend.  She started machine pitch.  They played two games in their tournament.  In the second game, she had one of the best hits I saw all day.  She was so proud that it didn't even bother her that she got thrown out at first base. It was soooo hot, but the players and Carter and Chase did great. 
Go Honeys!!  So exciting!!!  
Hot little brothers!!
Papa came to watch. 
Chandler and Abby are still with the little Honeys (tball team).  They sat in the dugout and cheered on the big Honeys (machine pitch). So cute!!  The Honeys loooooove Chase!!
Saturday was the entire teams' first time to play machine pitch.  I wonder if there were some nerves. 
3rd place!!! They played for their first time!! It's funny how Caroline is now the baby of the team again.  I remember when she first started tball and was the timy one.  That seems so long ago now.  :(
Are these Honeys cute or what!!!!
In between games, Malerie came home with us.  She and Caroline sure tried to get Chase to walk.  
Funny pic of Jason.  Chase fell asleep during the last game. Amy wanted to hold him, but then passed him to Jason while she took pictures.  See below.....
Jason was just trying to look uncomfortable.

Yay Caroline and Coach Graham!! (Amy Schmitz photo)
Love this!! (Amy Schmitz photo)
Such happy girls!! (Amy Schmitz photo)
Have you ever seen a more dirty kid???  We were cracking up when we got him in the house.  Thanks to Jeremiah for adding ice cream on top of the many layers of dirt.  Carter and his new friend Ethan drove and drove and drove their trucks!!!  They sure had fun!!

 More from last week....................
This is Chase's new thing.... when Caroline and Carter go out to play, he stands in the doorway and yells at them.  So cute.  Soon he'll be out there running around with them!!

Chase loves bathtime.  I think he likes to be wrapped up in his towel afterward more than anything!!  He grins and laughs the whole time I'm wrapping him up. Must remind him of his swaddling days. 
Mimsy celebrated her 61st birthday this weekend.  I wish we could have been with her.  I think she just keeps getting prettier.  Caroline told me that she still looks like she's in her 30's!!!  I agree!!
Trips to the grocery store are always fun with these two!!!
This little cutie took about 7-8 steps yesterday!!!  He also likes to just stand alone and clap his hand and yell.  He also thinks it's funny to shake his head.  Silly guy!!

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