Thursday, September 5, 2013


Last week was busy, but we started feeling pretty settled in to school.  Caroline started doing homework and had her first spelling test.  I got word that Carter was doing much better at school.  Chase is still not sleeping well, but is super pleasant besides that.  Here are highlights of the week and Labor Day weekend. 
Caroline worked hard on her homework.  I had her write each spelling work 5 times, then gave her a practice test.  If she missed any, she would write them another 5 times.  She got them all right.  She also made sure to sneak some cats in on her school paper.  Too funny!!! 
 On Thurday, they had the PTA Ice Cream Social.  Caroline went straight from gymnastics.  Look how attentive all the girls are to Caroline and Carter.  Cute!!
The girls loved Carter.  He wanted everything they offered him..... strawberry, carmel, and chocolate syrup and sprinkles.  They were laughing at him.  Caroline just wanted hers plain. 
Funny one here.  Chase was the only one who seemed to notice I was taking a picture.  He loves the camera!!
Love this sweet face!! (and that dirty cheek)
Such little buddies.  He looks at her like Carter does.  So sweet!!
Starting to get into everything.  I'm not sure why the garbage can is still standing though. 
It was gameday Friday at school.  I guess they weren't too enthused about having their pictures made.  The buddies are sitting together.  Of course Carter didn't want to sit by Chase, so he's doing his own thing. 
My favorite one. 
Look what Caroline came home with on Friday.  We are sooo proud.  I think we were all a little nervous about it.  She said she wrote the A+ before she turned it in.  Little Miss Confident!!
Yay!!  Football season is here!!  This was Saturday morning. 
We met Taylor and the Smith's for some playtime at the pool.  
Caroline being Caroline and Carter being Carter at Sams after the pool. 
 On Monday, we went to Twin Hills with the Gentry's.  They had a DJ and lots of activities for the kids. 
 Water balloon toss. 
More of Chase below.

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