Friday, August 30, 2013


The first week back at school was eventful.  We had Caroline's gymnastics on Tuesday and Thursday, Carter's ball practice on Tuesday and Thursday, Caroline's ball practice on Wednesday and Sunday, a trip to Pops, a slumber party for Caroline, and a ball tournament for Carter. 
As far as school goes, Caroline had a great first week.  She kept saying "I love 1st grade!!"  Carter's week didn't start off so smoothly.  He had some notes of concern in his agenda and a phone call.  I love love love his teacher.  She has never once seemed annoyed with Carter.  She just keeps saying that she wants his experience to be enjoyable.  By Friday, I had a call from her saying he was doing great!!!  Whew!!!!
Just in case anyone was wondering........ I think it's safe to say that Caroline still loves cats!! :)
On Monday night, we had a nice visit from Brittany, Catch, and Brooks.  Brittany and I got to catch up and they boys got to play.  They LOVE these funny glasses!!!

On Friday, Jeremiah had a great idea to take all of us out to eat to celebrate the 1st week of school.  We thought Pops would be a good family friendly place to go.  Too bad it ended up being an awful experience to the point where we will not be returning!!!  Our wait was over an hour.  Not good with 3 kids!!  When I called ahead, they said there was no need to reserve a spot, that they weren't busy enough.  Then.... Jeremiah found a hair in his food.  (the really bad kind of hair) 
At least the kids didn't realize all this and had fun. 
Caroline picked a kitty drink (of course!!), Carter picked chocolate milk, and Chase had a sippy cup. 
Caroline got to do lots of handstands outside during our LENGTHY wait. 
They have been begging for a while for pancakes, so Daddy was nice enough to make some Saturday morning. 
While Daddy was cooking, Chase and I played ball.  He loves this ball!!
Pre-season Tournament.  Go Cubbies!! 
Little superstar!!
Chase was an angel baby all day and it was HOT!!! 
We are sooooo proud of Carter!!  He played great.  He ran fast to 1st base and hit the ball much better.  When he crossed home plate, he stood and looked at the crowd and put his hands on his hips, then arms out to the side while smiling.  What a goofball!!  He was definitely proud of himself!!  He sure was entertaining to watch!!!  I need to get that on video soon!!! My description doesn't do it justice!! 

On Saturday night, Caroline had a slumber party at Abby's for her birthday.  They played and set off lanterns at sunset.  She had a wonderful time.  I just love her little friends!!
I got to hang out at home with the boys.  
On Sunday Carter played two more games and the Cubs won the tournament!!!  Look at these happy little Cubbies. 
That trophy looks so big!!
I love this one below.  He looks so happy!!  His name was called to go get his trophy.

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