Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last week we all went back to school.  Caroline and Carter went to daycare, I reported to work, and Jeremiah reported to football meetings then to work.  It was a rough week last week.  Caroline and Carter both moved up to new classes.  Caroline was fine after her morning cry in front of me, but Carter was not.  He cried most of the day unless he was held and didn't eat well either.  I felt awful!!!  This week is going better so far.  Caroline is better most mornings and Carter is doing better.  Catch is back, so I think that helps.  I think I have been more tired this week though.  I have been in bed by 10 pm the past few nights, which is way early for me.  Jeremiah has pretty much been in from football practice just long enough to say a few words before bed.  Football is here.  I'm going to try to stay positive and supportive this year.  I'm not always so good at that.  I'll just have to try not to miss him.  Haha!!!  Nannie is back from Norway and has a ton of pictures posted on facebook that I haven't seen yet.  I can't wait to look at them, but I'd rather see them with her so I can hear the story behind them.  I haven't even heard about her trip from Jeremiah yet.  That's how little we've seen each other the past few days.  There are 2 things I've enjoyed about being back at work.........  (I'm stretching here looking for a bright side!)
 I love seeing all my work friends and we are on a really good schedule at home now.  The babies and I come home and play, then have dinner, then take a bath, and maybe a walk if it's not too hot, and then Carter goes to bed. He has been in bed by 8:30 or earlier every night this week.   Then Caroline and I read and say prayers before bed.  I'll post about last weekend later.  Here are a few pics from today.. 


Larsen Family said...

where does jeremiah coach football?

Karen said...

I miss you guys and this blog helps until I'm there again.