Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THE BEST DAY.............

In my head I'm singing Taylor Swift's The Best Day Song.............The date today is Saturday Jan. 28th, but this may be posted a little later than that because I'm still playing catch up.  Today was the 2nd day in a row with weather that hit around 80.  I don't think I saw a cloud in the sky all day.  We woke up to Carter getting out of his bed and coming in with us.  (Caroline had spent the night with Nanno and Papa)  We got out of bed around 8am and knew it was going to be a beautiful day.  The zoo was tempting, but I knew it would be crazy and Caroline wasn't home yet. Jeremiah, Carter, and I got around and headed to Braums for a quick breakfast.  Then we went to the Golden Razor to get Carter his first haircut.  He was great!!  He cried a little and then the barbress (it was a barber shop and she was a female, so is that what she's called??) got him a sucker.  Then he was fine.  He just let her do her thing while he watched the barber next to him cut a man's hair.  The man's son was there and they were talking how he had his hair cut there as a little boy.  Jeremiah calls this the Midwest City mafia barber shop.  Haha!!  He looked so handsome after and he even got a special certificate and his back curls sealed in an envelope.  Here are the pics.
The before................

Ready to go.  Terry welcoming Carter.

Now he's happy.  The sucker sure helped!!
Look at all that hair.
Watching the guys. 

Oops.  I don't think he liked the water. 
Almost done.
I love the little spikes. 

When we got home, Carter was exhausted.  About the time he went down for his nap, Papa brought Caroline home.  When she got home, I took her to Barnes and Noble for some Momma/daughter time.  She loves that place and she has no idea how happy that makes me!!  The pictures below show part of the fun, but the rest of the fun occurred on the drive home.  We put up the sunroof and sang to Taylor Swift and Sugarland all the way home.  Oh how I love her little happy voice!!! When we got home, we had dinner then watched Despicable Me.  Carter discovered that he could get out of his bed and I had to lay him down ten times before he got the hint.  (I really don't think I'm exaggerating here).  Caroline crashed before the movie was over.  Jeremiah and I watched the rest.  Now I am blogging and he's playing PS3 with his buddy Chris.  What a perfect day it was.   I am so blessed!!!

BARNES AND NOBLE PICS.....................

You know I was thrilled when I found her looking at this!!
I loved these books when I was little!!
She wanted all the purple characters........... Coincidence or not???  Haha!!
She made me get up on the story time stage and read to her. 


Now it's her turn on stage.  She wondered why nobody came over to sit on the benches and listen. 
How cute is she!!!
Of course we had to end the visit with a cupcake.  Yum!!

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Brittany S. Manley said...

Sounds like a great day! I wish we could've met up though.