Friday, June 11, 2010


Where do I start with this beautiful little spitfire!!!  She is something else these days!!!  She's still my sweet affectionate baby, but boy has she become headstrong and argumentative.   She has something to say about everything.  She has more energy than I could ever imagine.   She goes so strong all day and is so fun to observe playing.  She has an amazing imagination.  We've had to deal with some fits lately too.  I think she's having a rough time transitioning to being around us all the time and not her friends.  I took her to daycare today and she was amazing all evening.  Here are some things she's been up to lately::::
- When you say something that she's not sure about, she'll say, "What you said???"  I know you can't get the full effect unless you hear it , but it's the funniest thing!!  It's so hard not to laugh when it's said.  I know I've lost it a few times!!!
- One time a few weeks ago, I made the mistake of saying to hide something in the store and we would get it later so that she wouldn't get upset about not getting it.  Now she says,  "Oh.  ok.  Let's hide it!!!"  She says this really loud and we always get looks or snickers.  It happens everywhere we go now, even in the grocery store. 
- Recently, we were watching boxing.  When the trainers hit around on their boxers previous to the fight to get them pumped up, Caroline had the funniest response.  She said, "Oh look mom.  He is burping he!!!"  I was crying I was laughing so hard.
- She says "Oh sorry"  all the time in the sweetest tone.  (unless she's in one of her moods.  haha)
- She is so fun to shop with.  ( I think it may drive her Daddy nuts though!!)  She is so in to it.  She picks out things for everyone and basically announces it so the entire store can hear it. 

She sure is testing us right now, but she's still says the sweetest things!!!  Oh my goodness.  I really can't remember what our life was like before her!!

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