Thursday, June 24, 2010


We had a fun father's day.  We went with Nanno and Pops to the Classen Grill for a delicious breakfast.  Then Caroline left with Nanno and Pops.  They went to the garden and picked some zucchini then went back to their house and visited and played.  By the time they brought her back home, so had a rash on her cheeks and shoulders.  The next morning it was worse.  Her cheeks were puffy, it had spread further down her arm, and it felt hot when you touched it.  I decided to take her and Carter in to the doctor to get checked out.  The verdict was that she had contact dermatitis and Carter has a cold.  (no ear infection)  She does not like her hydrocortisone gel, but can't play outside until it's gone.  No more gardening for Caroline!!!

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