Monday, June 13, 2011


On Saturday May 21st, we celebrated Carter's birthday.  I can't believe he's 2!!!  He's becoming quite the character.  I will do better of updating.  He isn't talking much. (at least where we can understand him)  He understands everything we tell him and does it so well.  We had a bug birthday theme with the Hungary Caterpillar integrated.  This theme was Caroline's idea from the start.  I added in the caterpillar.  We finally had a celebration/holiday where Carter was healthy!!  Yea!!  Carter is now in the 50% for height and weight.  He's starting to catch up with his head.  His head is still on the curve.  (Remembering his scare a year ago at this time.)  Here are pics from the party. 
Antennae for the guests.
Prepping the sidewalk with their antennae on.

Amazing cookies made by our neighbor Stephanie.  I made the tags from Carter's and Caroline's fingerprints.

Cake and cupcakes by Nanno.  How cute!!

The only gift he saw.  I got to open them all. 
This was all he wanted to do.....................

 Look at all the cards.


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