Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CONVERSATIONS WITH CAROLINE................(From March 12th)

When Carter starts fussing, which is quite often right now, Caroline says, "Oooh. Looks like somebody needs to go to bed."

The other day on the way to school, Caroline said, "Momma. What do you wish for?"  I said for all my friends and family to be healthy and happy.  She took a deep breath and said, "No Momma, that's not the kind of wish I'm talking about."  So I said I wish to hurry and finish my National Board project.  Frustrated, Caroline said, "No. Momma.  That's still not the kind of wish I'm talking about. So I told her to give me an example of what she meant.  She said, "You should wish to ride on a shooting star or slide down a beautiful rainbow."  My response was  Wow. I was way off.  When I asked her for her wish she said, "I wish for a unicorn to ride to school on."  Then from the back seat I heard her saying, "Oh please God send me a unicorn to go to school on.  I would love it so much."
I just love this girl!!!  Can I please keep her 4 forever!!!

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