Sunday, June 19, 2011


We just want to tell our Daddy that he's the best and we love him soooo much.  We decided to take pictures in his clothes again this year.  It wasn't easy as we had to be really sneaky. (It's hard to believe how much we've grown since last year... CLICK HERE ->  FATHER'S DAY 2010 ) Here are the favorites this year............ WE LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO PAPA KENNY.  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO OUR VERY SPECIAL PAPA ED IN HEAVEN. 

When Carter was asked what he loves most about his Daddy, here is what he had to say..............
- He told Santa to get me the John Deere dump truck that I love so much.
- He is a softy when it comes to making me go to bed.
- He takes me to the zoo.
- He takes me to Lowes.
- He lets me mow the lawn with him.
- I like to wear my Daddy's hats.
- I love to snuggle and fall asleep on my Daddy.

When Caroline was asked what she loves most about her Daddy, here is what she had to say............. (these are her exact words!!)
- I love him because he's special.
- Thank you God for my Daddy.
- I love him love him love him really really much.
- He takes me to Lowes without Carter.
- He is my best T-ball coach.
- He orders pizza so good.
- He likes to buy me shakes from Braums.
- He makes such good french toast.
- He says he loves me.
- He likes to watch me dance.
- He takes me to the zoo.
- He likes to buy me movies.
- He's going to take me to see the airport.
- He took me to the movies to see Tangled.
- I say thank you to God and Jesus in my prayers for my Daddy. 

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea! This is precious! I bet Jeremiah loved it

krista collier