Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st DAY OF SCHOOL 2013

The first day of school went really well overall.  I just can't believe I have a first grader and a Pre-K'er!!
Caroline has Mrs. Budd this year.  She is the twin sister of Caroline's teacher from last year, Mrs. Rusler.  She is soooo excited!! 
Carter has Mrs. Melton.  I have heard wonderful things about her.  The greatest of all, is that she's very patient.  She may need to be with Carter.  ;) 
How we ended up the morning of the 1st day!!  

 Here they are with their signs. I started this last year with Caroline. She changed professions this year (maybe it has something to do with loving her teacher last year and having two aunts that teach elementary)
Every year, I take off the morning of the first day to help walk them across the street to school and then to their classes.  It was so nice to have Jeremiah be there this year.  Caroline was really excited and so much at ease and Carter seemed excited but nervous.  He probably had no idea what was going on.  Haha!!
Daycare friends since they were babies..... now 1st graders!!!
She loves her Daddy!!
Sweet buddies!!
Listening to safety instructions.  
 Sweet boy..... probably wondering what's ahead.
Love big backpacks on little boys!! 
The teachers announced for the big kids to buddy up with the little kids and walk them across the street.  I love that Caroline wanted Carter with her!! 
This one says it all!! 
They're off!!!! 
 I'm sure I was tearing up here!!
Carter looking a little unsure!! 
So happy Taylor is in her class again!!!
She has a desk this year!!!  She looks ready to go!!! I love how happy and at ease she looks!!  

 Caroline's twin teachers. Aren't they cute!!
 She has grown up so much!!!

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