Monday, August 19, 2013


August has been a busy month so far. We are missing our July and being on vacation.  We are gearing up for school to start for Caroline and Carter.  Here is a look at our pre school starting part of August. 
Squeezing in more pool time.  They are so grown up...... they love to go to the snack bar all by themselves. 
Chase faces!!! 
Chase in Carter's old PJ's that we love.  He looks soooo cute in them!! The top picture shows his very efficient crawling style. 
This picture is funny because Caroline and Carter used to get caught getting into the bread drawer. 
Looks like Santa needs to bring Chase one of these trucks this year!!  Don't worry, Carter was in the bathtub at this time.  Otherwise, I thing he would have had a fit!!  Dog and his truck!!!! Yikes!!
 Shopping at the outlet mall is always fun!! (not!!)  (way too many of those ride on toys)
Looks like the animals had a picnic with the mini pizzas Caroline and Carter didn't eat.  At least the animals liked them. 
Resting..... Someone likes to sleep with Chase these days.... I'm not talking about Daddy. 
Bathtime fun.  Don't Caroline and Chase look alike!!

Spending evenings outside.  Loved this evening above.  I was feeling a little envious (not good) of a friend's beautiful re-done backyard pictures with stained concrete and lots of trees, then I sat in our backyard with this sweet baby in my lap and watched Carter mow with his Daddy and Caroline doing flips on the trampoline and quickly realized that I had the best view anyone could hope for.  Thankful for my blessings!!
Snow Monster always seems to be dressed in something. 
I guess Chase likes to dress up in my scarves!!  (thanks to Caroline)
Photo shoots......
We did a really cute photo shoot with Carter and Catch's Pre-K pics.  I'll post on this soon.  Bribes with Braums!!
Caroline and I trying some selfies.  Got the fish lips too. :)
Taylor had her half birthday at the pool.  Caroline finally went down the water slide thanks to Taylor.  We have tried everything all summer to get her to go and all it took was Taylor.  We love her!!
School supplies!!  I made it a date with Carter, but he didn't enjoy it too much.  It was sooo crowded and were some fits thrown my Carter over their lack of backpacks.  Oh well, I tried.  I think Caroline likes her folders I surprised her with. 
My favorite..... I love watching them play school.  
Some mom friends and I planned a Mommy Daughter night.  We went to the Disney Magic performance at our church theatre.  It was pretty amazing!!!  The princesses were amazing and completely in character.  On the way home, Caroline was giggling and telling us how Merida asked her what kind of adventures she went on today.  So cute!!!

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