Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow day #1 (Thursday)

The day started out with me getting up to get ready for work because there had been nothing on the news the night before.  Then Jeremiah got his call:  no school.  Shortly after I saw my cancellation.  Yea!!  No school for two days, most likely.  We all got at of bed and had Jeremiah's french toast.  It was crazy because there was nothing but the news on all day until Days of Our Lives came on and then the news just shut off.  We just played and Caroline made her many messes.  Papa stopped by for a visit, but he didn't get to see Carter because he was napping.  He brought Caroline 2 suckers of course.  I was glad when he ran out of that giant bag, but it looks like he got some more.  The rest of the day was spent fixing Caroline's hair different ways, eating, and making messes.  Oh, and we figured out where Pickles hid out all day.  You'll see in the pictures.  Now we have to shut Carter's door all the way at bedtime!!!
Look at the drooling!!!

2 front teeth.


Love those pj's

Enough pictures Momma!!
Playing around with scraps of fabric.

Carter's bed.

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