Monday, January 25, 2010


Well.  Here it goes.  Here is my first official post!!  I feel a little silly writing about our life, but I have 2 reasons for doing this: 
1. To keep our family and friends up to date on all our happenings, and mostly
2. To have a journal of our life together as a family to someday show Caroline and Carter.
Hopefully they will never have to doubt how much they are loved.  They may just end up realizing what a crazy mother they have, but that's ok.  Haha!! 
I plan on Sundays being the Weekend Wrap-up and Fridays will be called Flashback Friday.  Fridays will mostly be old Caroline pictures and stories because I didn't start this while she was a baby.  I will try to keep work stuff to a minimum, but it's a huge part of my life and thoughts, so I know it will come up.  Wow.  I could have made a lot of money if I would have started writing from the day I started teaching 12 1/2 years ago!!! 
Also, I don't really know all the rules of blogging, so if I do anything wrong in the "blogging world", please let me know. 


Kelli Holleran said...

Hi Kristi...
I am going to give this another try as I typed a comment just before and it didn't work. I don't think it worked anyway.
I am happy you are doing this blogging thing. I want to know everyday of the new things your adorable babies are learning and discovering and saying etc. I will be on daily. I am wondering why you chose to use "fairies" and not "princesses"?
I love you...

Kristi said...

I chose fairies because it goes with football. Both f words. I also thought she likes Tinkerbell which is a fairy. Love you too!!