Friday, January 29, 2010

The Up Weekend

Here's the post that goes with the pictures of my last post. 
Friday evening-  I went out with a friend to dinner for a few hours and when I returned, Caroline, Carter, and Jeremiah were watching the movie Up.  I guess this was the 2nd time watching it.  After they went to bed, Jeremiah and I stayed up to watch a movie.  It was terrible.  I'm embarrassed to say what it was, it was so crazy!!  Ok.  It was Bruno.  Wow is all I can say about it!!!
Saturday- We got up and Jeremiah went to get breakfast from McDonalds (not so healthy), but he loves to have breakfast together on the weekends.  Caroline at all her pancakes!!  All 3 of them.  She said she would not eat the hambonger though!!  (the sausage patty)  After Carter went down for his nap.  Jeremiah, Caroline, and I cuddeled on the couch to watch Up.  After about 10 minutes it made me cry and Caroline look at me and asked if she could wipe my tear.  AWW!!!  What a great way to spend the day.  Up was a wonderful movie.  It must of  been to keep Caroline watching the whole time.  Maybe she'll be ready one of these days to go to the real movies!!  The rest of the day was spent playing and doing TONS of laundry.
Sunday- I brought in Sunday morning by being up late setting up the blog.  Then at 1:15 am it sounded like a train coming toward the house, then a boom and the room shook and rattled for about 6 or 7 seconds.  It was so scary.  This was the 2nd earthquake I've felt, but the first one was nothing like this.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  Jeremiah woke up, but it didn't seem to phase Carter and Caroline.  Yea!! 
When everyone woke up Sunday morning we put in Up again and had some of Jeremiah's french toast and coffee.  Yummy!!!  I did more laundry and Caroline made more messes.  At about 6pm, we headed to Papa's and Nanno's for Joy's birthday.  Poor Carter cried all the way there because his teeth hurt.  That's about the only time our sweet boy gets really upset!!  After the party we stayed and watched the Vikings get beat and Carter's teeth started to hurt again, so there must be another coming soon.  His are just coming in one right after the other.  Caroline's seemed like they were really spaced out.  Teething really never bothered her.
The Weekend Highlight would have to be seeing Caroline playing with Carter more than I have ever seen.  She played with him, wanted him to sit by her at the table, and even wanted to take a bath with him!!! (her idea)   The past 8 months she has pretty much ignored him most of the time.  I know she loves him, but it's going to take some time for her to get used to not being the only one getting attention.  I also love our movie time, just to sit still and snuggle!!!

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