Sunday, July 25, 2010


As of last week, Carter is 14 weeks.  He has changed so much in the past 2 months since his 1st birthday.  He is still just the sweetest boy ever!!!  He's still got that great laugh where it sounds like he's gasping for air.  Here is the latest with this little guy.
-He is walking and is all over the place.  He has the cutest little walk.  I've got to figure out videos on here one of these days!!!
- We can't keep him sitting in his high chair.  Eating dinner at the table is a little difficult these days.
- He's getting a little more picky about his foods.  He's not eating anything and everything anymore. 
- When Carter eats, he puts all the food he can in one hand and then squishes it while he continues to eat with the other.

-He is still such a great sleeper.  Some morning he has been known to sleep as late as 10:40.  I would say his average wake up time is around 9-9:30ish. 
-He has maybe found a favorite stuffed animal.  He's been talking, kissing, and growling his blue puppy.
- Carter has been blowing the sweetest kisses.  I've been working on it what seems like forever and now he's got it.  It's so sweet. 
- He loves following his sister around and playing with her.  She is liking playing with him more.  Yea!!!  He also loves to play with Pickles.  He has the sweetest giggle when he plays with him. 
-Poor little guy was sick for a few days up until yesterday.  We took him to the doctor after 3 nights of fever and not sleeping.  We think it was a combination of teething and a virus.  He's dropped some weight and lost a little stamina, but I'm sure he'll be back soon. 

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