Monday, July 26, 2010


One evening last week I was cooking dinner and just as I was about to call Jeremiah to come and get Carter out of the kitchen, Caroline came in all fancied up and included Carter in the play.  They ended up having the best time and so did I.  It also made me feel badly that I'm so quick to have them out of the kitchen while I'm cooking.  (plus football is about to start, so it's either that or no cooking)  All I need to do is make it quality playtime.  I know one day I'm going to miss having them little like this, and all they want is to be near me.  My sweet babies!!!!


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Karen said...

Wow!! Caroline really dolled it up for dinner!! I see Carter wasn't having the beads around his neck. I know that makes his daddy happy =). It warms my heart to see them playing together. A day will come when they will be each others highest supporter and best friend. God bless these little angels. I love you all with all my heart.