Thursday, December 2, 2010


I need many prayers for my sweet cousin Twila.  She has been through so much and just had another surgery today.  She is just the sweetest person you'll ever meet and my cousin Mark (her husband) would be completely lost without her.  Please pray for my students, especially one who just informed me that her mother may not make it much longer and she will be responsible for her younger siblings.  She has her issues, but is so smart and I really care about her.  One more prayer for the Weir and Eisworth families.  The Weirs were a family that were so good to us in a very rough point in our lives while growing up.  They had us over at their beautiful house all the time.  They also gave us clothes all the time that they had outgrown.  They were 3 sisters who were all of our ages and the oldest passed away last week.  They never made us feel less even though they were the family that we thought had everything.  Now they don't have their sweet Tara.  I just can't even describe how sad I feel for their loss.  I could not imagine losing one of my sisters like Meg and Shea did.  Please God help them get through everyday without their sweet sister and daughter. 

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Karen said...

Very sweet, Kristi.