Thursday, December 23, 2010


Our Santa visits started when Caroline was about to have her 2nd Christmas.  She was only a month old her 1st one and her Daddy, already being protective didn't want her out at the mall that early.  She was pretty calm the first one shown here........................
You can already see it on her face what is to come next year. 
Here is the next year.  Right after her 2nd birthday.  Terrified, even with me in the picture!!
Santa looks so calm!!

Right after turning 3...........  Carter is here now and I'm in the picture again and she's still crying!!!
Not even the reindeer and a new Santa could help Caroline.  
Now for this year..............  The entire 30 minutes we were in line Caroline was extremely nervous and wanted to be held the whole time.  She said she would sit on his lap though.  As it was our turn, I turned Carter loose and he ran up to Santa with his arms in the air.  Caroline on the other hand, started crying and kicking which meant I would get to be in the picture another year!!!!!!!!  Hopefully the last!! 
At least she's not crying, so I guess we have actually improved a little!! Like her socks??  Haha!!

He was such a nice Santa.  As Jeremiah and Carter picked out the picture, he kept talking to Caroline and he told her a secret.  He said that he likes 2 ice cubes in his milk.  He finally got a hug out of her.  I bet the people waiting in line weren't too happy.   Thank you Santa.  Last week Caroline and I were back at the mall and she actually wanted to walk past him and wave to him.  We're making progress!!!!!!!

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