Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Last Saturday started out pretty crazy.  We had a princess party to go to at 11:00.  Of course I had to get the gift right before.  We went to the party which was so cute!!  It was Chandler's and was a princess party.  Caroline dressed as Cinderella.  They got to decorate cookies and bring home an apron.  What a cute idea.  Here is Cinderella.  (not the best quality pic)

We had to leave the party a little early to get home and meet Kathy, Mike, and Addison.  They were nice enough to pick us up so Jeremiah could meet us at the show at showtime.  We had to have the girls there for drop off two hours before showtime for a rehearsal.  Kathy and I didn't want to leave our girls there with mothers we didn't know, so we hung out for 2 hours before the show. 
Below is the pre-show routine.  They did great!!!  Their class is pretty crazy and they don't listen too well, so we had no idea what to expect.

Their class is pretty crazy and they don't listen too well, so we had no idea what to expect.  Here is the actual performance and they lived up to expectations.  They were really entertaining!!!  Haha!!  At the start you can see Caroline picking up feathers that fell off a boa from the act before.  Silly girl!!  Here it is................

Car ride to Shawnee

Waiting waiting waiting......................

Waiting with Mike and Kathy
 After the performance Caroline went home with Addison to play, then ended up calling me to say she was spending the night.  She has no problems being away from home.  They had a great time. 

While Caroline was having lots of fun, we went to Sam's for some groceries.  Can't you tell he had lots of fun. No.  I just had to take a pick of him in his flannel shirt.  Doesn't he look so cute!!

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