Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am just so proud of my Caroline tonight.  I'm not sure what got in to her, but she was all about Carter.  I loved it!!!  It started while I was getting dinner ready and she took him into the bathroom with her.  It was completely her idea too!!  I know this sounds strange, but it was a big moment around here.  I bet they were in there about 10 minutes when I decided to take a peek.  They were playing school.  Soooo cute!!!  They played in the tub together, then they played "trucks"  They chased each other through the house while each one bent over and pushed a truck.  I asked Caroline to do something and she said, "Not now Momma.  I'm playing trucks with Carter."  So of course she got out of it.  Carter loves her so much.  He follows her everywhere and loves to imitate her. 

Over the weekend, Jeremiah and I went shopping for Santa Claus gifts so Caroline and Carter got to stay over at Nanno and Papa's.  We found a big princess doll and were debating over which one to get, so I decided to call her.  I said that I had run into Santa and he asked what kind of princess was her favorite.  She said Sleeping Booty or Belle.  Later that evening on the way home in the dark car, she said out of nowhere,
" Momma.  Why did you crash into Santa Claus?"  I had to have her repeat this several times and I still didn't get it.  Jeremiah pointed out that I said earlier in the day that I ran into Santa.  She took it literally and must have spent the day wondering why her crazy Momma crashed into Santa.  I just love that Caroline!!!!!!!!!!

Her new thing, when I do something she likes it is to hug me really big and say, "Oh you are the best Momma I have always wanted!!!"  How cute is that, especially when she says it in that high pitched tone she has when she is so excited.  

I never dreamed I would be so blessed to have my sweet family!!!

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