Sunday, January 1, 2012


Wow.  It's been quite a year and my lack of blogging shows it.  There have been ups and downs, but thankfully many more ups than downs.  I just know that I'm starting this new year feeling incredibly blessed.  I have the most beautiful and perfect kids, a husband that works his tail off, and the most wonderful friends and family I could ask for.  We have everything we need, but most importantly we have each other and such special people in our lives.  I promise I'm going to do better this year at keeping up.  I will also go back and post old things that I still haven't gotten around to doing.  I was looking through the blog the other night with Caroline and realized how important it is to document their childhood.  I want them to always know how special they are.
I'll start with today.  We woke up late and missed church, which I hated to do, but we'll get to see it later.  We had lots of breakfast left from our New Year's Breakfast and PJ party last night.  We enjoyed breakfast, then jumped on the trampoline, played a lot, while Jeremiah worked on his papers, and jumped some more.  Then this evening I met Susan for dinner.  When the server asked what brought us to dinner this evening, we realized that it's been 14 years since we met.  Wow.  She's had such an impact on my life these past 14 years.  What a special friend she's been to me.
Of course it wouldn't be one of my posts without pictures, so here are some from today...............

Fun on the new trampoline

Wow.  Look at the static in her hair!!

The most beautiful sunset on the way to dinner.

I love that OKC celebrates CHRISTmas and puts crosses on their downtown buildings every year!!

 QUICK RECAP OF THE YEAR BELOW..................
JANUARY- Really started National Board work, Carter got his first haircut, snow storm.
FEBRUARY- Carter got really sick and was admitted to the hospital.
MARCH- A baby elephant was born at the zoo, bad wildfires, Carter went to the ER, Rowing started, Caroline started t-ball, Nannie came for Spring Break, and my National Board portfolio got completed and sent off on March 31st.  (huge relief)
APRIL- T-ball, gymnastics, Jeremiah took out our old grass to put in new grass, Kaci and Craig came for Easter!!
MAY- Carter boy turned 2, Caroline had her M&M Olympics and dance recital, more t-ball, and the rowing meet.
 JUNE- Summer!!, National Board test, Brooks was born, bible school for Caroline, swim lessons, lots of time at the pool, T-ball season finished up.
JULY- NEW JERSEY TRIP (Lots to blog about for this trip), Carter's first plane ride, our 6th anniversary, Nannie, Andy, and Christian visited, Jeremiah got hired at my work and we started back.
AUGUST- Caroline started to Pre-K, such a hot month and summer.  Oklahoma set a record.  Found our church after searching for a while.
SEPTEMBER- Soccer started for Caroline, found out we were pregnant.
OCTOBER- Nannie visited, Halloween, soccer, TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT!
NOVEMBER- (A rough month, but ended well)  Manleys move into the neighborhood, miscarried :(, sweet Twila passed away, Mimsy came to visit, soccer ended, Caroline was Student of the Month, Jeremiah turned 35 and Caroline turned 5, and tons of birthday parties to attend.
DECEMBER- The elf, Flip joined us, decorated the house for Christmas, I did lots of volunteer work with students and JSL, Caroline and I taught the 2's Sunday school class, went Christmas caroling as a family with church, took a meal to a needy family, got to listen to Caroline sing Christmas songs and Carter get so excited about the pretty lights, got Skype, got a new van, and Carter is potty trained!!!!!!  What a great month December was.  I even cried Christmas night because I didn't want it to all end.  Silly, I know!!!
I know this is going to be a wonderful year!!!!! 

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