Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday evening was pretty scary.  When we got home from daycare and were getting out of the van, Jeremiah noticed Carter's finger looked like this............................................................
The night before, saw a tiny little cut that was barely noticeable.  I can't believe it got that bad so fast and that nobody at daycare noticed it. 
I took him to the after hours clinic.  They said it was staph/cellulitis.  They prescribed medicine and said to go see his doctor the next day.  He said hopefully he wouldn't end up in the hospital.  They punctured the abscess to remove some of the infection.  Carter did not like that!! Hear he is at that office...............
When I left there, the doctor said he had called in the prescription to Target.  When we got to Target, they said nothing had been called in.  We called the doctor back and there was a recording saying they were closed.  What kind of after hours clinic isn't open when it's not even 7pm yet?!!!  The pharmacy tried paging the doctor and still...... no response.  I was starting to get really upset.  I was thinking...... this infection is spreading through his body and he's going to end up in the hospital like last year.  (Here is that story/recap........... STORY HERE. CLICK!!!!  Wow.  I just saw the date on the old post.  The two incidents were exactly a year apart!!!!
Jeremiah tried calling Carter's doctor's after hours numbers to get us a prescription.  Meanwhile, Carter and I are waiting around Target getting something to eat.  Then all of a sudden he went from feverish to very cold (his hands, feet, and face.)  I panicked and decided not to wait around and to get him to the ER.  I got there, then Jeremiah met me.  (After he got a ride there from Landon because I took off so quick that he didn't get his keys out of the van)  We waited for close to 3 hours before we got to see the doctor.  Meanwhile, Carter told everyone in the lobby hi, had 2 pooping accidents, and fell asleep.
 When we got in, the doctor drained it more.  Poor Carter.  That must have hurt so bad.  He gave Carter a dose of Clindamycin and bandaged him up.  He was a wonderful doctor!!!  Such a great bedside manner. 
He said he thought we got him in there soon enough to get it under control.

 We got home around 1am. Carter slept with us.  Thankfully, our wonderful friends Landon and Sheree kept Caroline overnight for us.  I'm sure Caroline loved it!!!
Ready for bed.  What a rough evening!!
 Today, Jeremiah went to work and I stayed home with Carter.  Melanie (Moo Moo)  came by for a visit and brought Carter a happy meal.  Papa was nice enough to pick up Caroline from school for me and bring me a coffee.
Carter and I had a nice day together.  He was quite hyper and didn't even take a nap.  The Manleys came over this evening with Teddy Grahams and a stuffed animal.  How sweet!!  Bonnie, Mimsy, Nannie, and Kaci also called to check on him. 
We are so blessed to have so many that care for us.  We had so many sweet prayers and concerns on facebook as well.  I'm so thankful for them all and that Carter's hand didn't get any worse today and even looked better!!  It's nice to relax tonight.  I was probably quite a sight in Target last night.  I was a nervous wreck I felt.  I just couldn't deal with something bad happening to this sweet boy!!!

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