Friday, January 27, 2012


Caroline has always had a fear of the vacuum cleaner.  She goes crazy crying and sometimes shaking when it comes out of the closet.  It was starting to get a little on the ridiculous side.  (Especially since we got the Shark, which is the quietest vacuum I've ever heard.)  One day, Jeremiah started saying if she was scared of vacuums, then he was scared of unicorns.  (she has had a love for unicorns lately).  She thought he was crazy.  When Mimsy was here in early November, Caroline showed her a very large pink and purple stuffed unicorn at Target.  Mimsy heard the story between Caroline and Jeremiah and made a very smart deal.  She said she would buy Caroline the unicorn if she made a deal with her Daddy.  She had to promise to not be scared of the vacuum if he would allow a giant unicorn in the house.  Caroline jumped on that and even asked to go see the vacuums on the vacuum isle.  (We used to not be able to go near them in the store.)  She got the unicorn and is much better with the vacuum.  (most of the time.)  Jeremiah is getting better everyday with his fear of unicorns.  Haha!! 
What a good girl!!!

Wow............ Great job Daddy!!!!  That must have been scary for you!!!

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