Monday, May 10, 2010


We had a really nice weekend.  (Especially because Jeremiah was home!!)  We woke up Saturday morning, had breakfast, and got to clean house a little.  We went to the park to play, then came home for lunch, and then Caroline and I went to Target.  We love our shopping time together.  She's so good when I tell her she can't have something.  Around 7pm Nanno and Papa come over so Jeremiah and I could go to prom.  It was a really nice prom.  The kids looked so nice and they all got along and danced together.  When we got home, Caroline asked me if all the girls had on pretty leotards.  (She kept calling my dress a leotard.  I guess she thinks it looks like her black one with the skirt.)  When I went back to the room to change, she followed me in there and asked me to show her how I danced at the prom.  It was the sweetest thing!!!  She shut the door and I showed her the chicken dance. 
Sunday morning we woke up late (nice!!) and had french toast and then went over to Gina's to see Eric and the family.  We were worn out when we got home and I didn't feel too well, so we sat around and watched a little TV.  I am so very blessed to have the chance to be a mother to these two beautiful babies!!!  I just never imagined how much love I could feel.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful Momma who would and has done everything for me.  She will never know how grateful I am to have her as my mom and a best friend!!!
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother-in-law who makes us feel so loved and who gave us such a wonderful husband and Daddy.  I am so blessed to have Nanno as a step-mom and grandma to Carter and Caroline.  She is so good to us and others!!!  I better stop before I start bawling!!!  Thank you God for my beautiful family!!! 

What am I doing???

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Karen said...

Such a beautiful family!! YOu look beautiful in your leotard!!!