Friday, May 28, 2010


Friday started with the CT scan, which was no fun.  Caroline got to stay home with Nannie for a few hours and have her all to herself!!  When we got home, Jeremiah left for work and we make a practice cake for Carter to get in to.   Caroline got to help in her pretty blue tutu.  Then we went outside for the photo shoot.  What a mess!!!  After that, it was naptime.  Nannie and I worked on either cleaning house or making decorations for the party coming up on Sunday.  We had to wake the kiddos up to get ready for Caroline's big tap performance.  Then we got the best phone call ever!!!  The nurse called to say that Carter's results came back good.  We headed out to the gym for the big show.  (I'll post about that in a minute)  After the show, we went to the mall to get Carter some shoes from our giftcard from Mimsy.  They only had one shoe in the whole store that was his size and then they didn't even fit his foot right.  I guess I'll be ordering them online.  Happy Birthday sweet Carter!!!  It sure was an eventful day!!!

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Brittany S. Manley said...

I should have had Carter give lessons to Catch on how to smash a cake. He looks too precious!