Friday, May 28, 2010


Wow.  I'm behind.  Last week was a little crazy.  We took Carter to his 1 year appointment on Wednesday and by Friday morning he was having a CT scan.  The doctor said his head had grown some more and it was off the curve, so she would schedule a CT scan to look at his brain.  Poor little guy had to go through all that on his first birthday.   We were all pretty nervous waiting for the results.  (I know I didn't eat or sleep much from my nerves)  He cried really hard for most of the scan.  They had to swaddle him really tight and immobilize his head.  Finally on Friday afternoon as we were getting ready for Caroline's tap performance, we got a call from the nurse saying that our little boy is healthy.  I can't even tell you how good that felt!!!  Saturday we went to Catch's birthday party and Carter eyes and nose were running pretty bad.  His eyes were even starting to ooze stuff.  By Sunday (and for his own party) he really wasn't feeling too well.  I decided Monday morning to take him to work with me so I could get him into the doctor.  Poor thing, when he woke up Monday morning he couldn't even open his eyes from all the gunk.   Dr. Dooley said he had an ear infection and the antibiotics for that should clear up his eyes.  She was right.  He is like a new baby!!!  She also said that his CT scan showed no hydrocephalus or brain abnormalities.   Yea!!!!!   I have lots of pictures to post of our eventful weekend.  They are coming soon!!!  It meant so much to have so many calls, texts, and prayers for us and our sweet boy.  My work family called me all day Friday to check on me.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful people that care about us!!!  

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Larsen Family said...

I know that feeling...waiting for dr.'s to call. I am so glad all is normal. Sorry to hear about the ear infection. SOrry...ihaven't been keeping up with blogs lately because of Bryn's surgery. But thank you for your prayers!