Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'll try to remember everything from the weekend.  It was sooo long ago now!!!  It started off with Jeremiah's game, the infamous Midwest City / Del City game.  Caroline, Carter, and I met Miss Brittany at Applebees for some dinner and then fought the crowd parking and made our way into the game.  It wasn't the game Del City had last year.  They lost :(    Saturday, we just hung out at home and got ready for Bonnie's birthday party in Bricktown.  It was so much fun.  We met and watched the game at Brickz and then headed to the piano bar for the rest of the night.  We had lots of fun and I'm sure Bonnie did too.  It must be rough to just be turning 30.  Miss Brittany came over to stay with Caroline and Carter.  They had a great time too.  She's just the best with them.  Thank you Brittany!!!  On Sunday, Jeremiah went to work.  Papa came over for a visit and surprised Caroline with a trip to Braums.  Then we went to the Richeys that evening for a cookout and lots of fun company.  Caroline had lots of kiddos to play with and Carter got lots of  kisses from Meliah!!!  

 On Monday evening, Caroline, Carter, and I met Chris, Catch, and Brittany at the park for some play time.  Here is a collage of my pics, but HERE is Brittany's version of the play date.  

These two are so funny to watch.  They would take turns pushing each other and then laugh.  We think Carter is going to be the mastermind behind all the plans and Catch will carry them all out.  They are going to be quite a team.  Caroline loved Catch as usual.  
Carter got a little to close to the ducks!!  Look at Chris feeding the ducks with Caroline.  He needs a girl next time for sure!!!

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