Saturday, October 23, 2010

LAST THURSDAY...... A BIG DAY!!! (A couple of Thursdays now)

Thursday was a fun and busy day.  We got up, had breakfast and went to the Verizon store, Petsmart, Children's Place, and Target.  We went to Verizon because something strange was going on with Mimsy's phone where we couldn't talk to her on her entire drive here.  We could only text.  I ended up getting a Droid phone for $50 somehow.  Our Verizon guy said he had never seen anyone walk out of the store with a deal like that!!!  And...............  our bill is going to be cheaper!!!  We weren't even using half of our minutes so we downgraded our plan.  I was a little overwhelmed with the new high tech phone, but now I'm LOVING it!!!  After all of this, we went home to rest before Jeremiah's game.  Papa called and asked us all to go to dinner with them for my birthday.  We went to Chili's and then on to the game.  It was a great day!!!  (Except the loss on the game and Mimsy didn't feel well.) 

Not so easy getting a group picture.  Especially with Caroline.  What's up with her???
Thank goodness she packed her duck slippers!!!  What would we have done without them???

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