Monday, October 18, 2010


Mimsy went home today and we are really missing her.  Caroline got mad at me when I sent her to the naughty chair for talking ugly to me and I could hear her saying she wanted Mimsy.  We had a such a great time with her.  It all started with her pulling into Joe and Sharon's driveway on the day she arrived.  Mimsy said Caroline ran outside, but got a strange look on her face when Mimsy got out of her car in their driveway.  Haha!!!!  Poor tired Mims!!!!!  She really must have made it here in record time!!!  Scout came too. He is just the most special dog there is.  He looks and moves better than he has in years.  Caroline and Carter were pretty in love with him!!!!  We had such a fun time.  We went to Target, the mall, out to eat with Nanno and Papa, to Daddy's football game, gymnastics, Caroline's recital, pumpkin patch, to visit Twyla, Cheesecake Factory, Zumba (yes.  Mimsy did Zumba!!!),  many many walks (minus me on this part), and just hung out at home with lots and lots of playing!!!!  (let me know if I left anything out Mims)  Carter did have a little accident though.  When they were out walking, Carter leaned forward in the stroller and fell out while Mimsy and Caroline were looking for cats on Kitty Cat Road.  Poor Mimsy felt awful, but it almost happened to me just a couple of days before.  It's not even a week later and Carter is pretty much all healed up!!!  He just looks like the little boy he is becoming!!!
Lots of pictures ahead of the past 2 weeks.

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