Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I really don't know where to start because if I go too long without blogging, I forget.  I've got to do better because I really don't want to forget any of my special times with my sweet babies.  I guess 2 words come to mind when I think of the past few weeks.....  sickness and football.  First Carter had and ear infection, so he was put on some strong antibiotics for 10 days on the 17th.  Then on the next Thursday, Caroline went in for having a high fever.  She had strep or a tonsil infection and got put on the same antibiotic as Carter.  On that Saturday, my eye turned red and painful.  I thought I could have possibly have had a contact stuck in it, but it turned out to be a possible infection.  We're all better now (except maybe Carter, runny nose and cough) (poor thing always has something.)  We've had Jeremiah's games to watch (2 have been on TV,  those are real nice!!) and we've had plenty of college and pro games to watch.  I've been really busy at work getting ready for visits from examiners, getting lots of new students, and starting a work blog.  I also had a HUGE scentsy party thanks to my friend Kristy.  Mimsy will be here tomorrow night and we can't wait!!!!  Here are some picture collages I've put together of what we've been up to.  Of course I've kept up with my paparazzi-like behavior!!! 
Caroline's art work, and I caught her cleaning.....  What?????
Carter and Pickles enjoying the truck and nice weather.
They were amazed by Pickles sitting on the fence
Loving the fall-like weather we've had
Going to Amber's for the trunk show.  I can't wait to get her new dress in!!!  Stay tuned......

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