Saturday, October 23, 2010


We went to the mall several times while Mims was here.  Now I know why I don't come alone with the kids very often.  We were exhausted every time we left.  We visited lots of stores, but the bookstore was the favorite.  Carter went crazy in there.  He loved it!!!  I think he rearranged the shelves several times.
I don't think his Daddy is too happy with him getting into My Little Pony books!!! (He would notice that wouldn't he.) But, the Human Body is what I think he was after!!!
Ooops.  Caught!!!
On gymnastics night we went to Cheesecake factory and then back to the mall.  It was such a nice night to eat outside.  Caroline was a little bothered by the outdoor heaters.
Caroline loves her Mims.  
LOVE LOVE LOVE these babies!!!

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Larsen Family said...

what night do you do gym now? email me