Saturday, October 30, 2010


I know I have a TON of other stuff to get caught up on, but I had to wright about this special crisp fall morning.  First of all..... it was cool in the house!!!  I love it when the weather starts cooling off and you get out the sweats and sweaters and light the fireplace.  What is special about this morning is that it's not that different from other weekend mornings, but I just felt that fall is here!!!  Here's how it goes..........
We woke up to a cold room, the 3 of us.  (Caroline went to bed with me since Jeremiah had a game last night)  I heard Carter on the monitor and brought him to the big bed.  Then Pickles joined us.  That's what big beds are meant for!!!  Jeremiah left for football meetings (with some guilt from Caroline) so we got up to start the day. 
Here are the things I loved this morning...................
Coffee, sippy cups, unfinished oatmeal, and a magazine I somehow thought I could read. 

Dressed in oatmeal covered sweats and wild socks.

 Dressed from head to toe in stripes. 

And her Halloween Dorothy shoes.

Leaving the back door open so we can listen to Sugarland while we play outside.

Dancing in the kitchen to warm up from the chill outside.

Pestering sister while she watches Sprout

Playing amongst the toys spread everywhere

Doing what she does best......................
Being creative!!!!  (She's a cat trapped in a pet store cage here)

Icing all over faces from yesterday's Halloween party cupcakes.

And especially wiping little runny noses.  Haha!!!


Brittany S. Manley said...

I just love these pics. These are the type of memories they are going to love to hear about when they get older. Couldn't have had a better Saturday morning. :0)

Kristi said...

Thank you!! Just a glimpse of a typical Saturday morning with the 3 of us. Soon it will be all of us. Thank you for motivating me to even start the blog in the first place!!