Sunday, January 2, 2011

NEW YEAR.............

Well we are embarking upon a new year and I have many resolutions as usual, but my main one is to just enjoy the small things.  This leads me to mention my most favorite blog.  Here is a link to it..........................
 I can't wait to see if she has posted everyday.  Every post makes me cry for a multitude of reasons, but they all make me want to be a better person and mother.
Kelle is a young thirties mother with 2 beautiful daughters, a wonderful husband, two stepsons from her husband that she loves dearly, a photographer, an amazing writer, and just an amazing person.  I would love to live my life more like her this new year.   I think we have a lot in common such as............ loving our babies and family like crazy, we both love to take pictures ( I think everyone that knows me thinks I'm just a little obsessed with taking pictures), loving to talk about our babies, love to meet new people and try new adventures, neither one of us are perfect housekeepers (we would much rather do something fun with our families than clean house), love to have a little wine from time to time, and love to enjoy and see the beauty in the small things.  Enjoying the Small Things is actually name of her blog.  A few things we don't have in common that I would love to become better at are photography, and becoming more positive.  She has been through so much the past year that I would never know about and manages to see the beauty in everything!!!  One of the biggest differences between us is that she is so good at expressing herself and feelings and I'm probably the worst.  Maybe if I'm happy, I just need to be happy and if I'm sad, just be sad and don't try to hold back anything, especially love!!!!!!!!  Now that I do 2 blogs, I should be a little more expressive and quit worrying so much.  I don't know if she would ever read this (because she has over 9,000 followers), but I just want anyone that reads my blog to know how amazing her blog is and shouldn't be passed up.  Happy New Year!!!  This is going to be a wonderful year!!!

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