Sunday, January 23, 2011


Caroline just loves Chandler.  I love her mom's company too.  Sheree and I are so much alike in a lot of ways.  (Except she's much younger and so pretty!!)  Chandler and Caroline could pass for sisters with their blonde hair and blue eyes.  They are funny together because they both have such strong personalities.  They argue, then make-up, then argue, then make-up.  There is one year's difference between them.  They live just a short walk away and it's been so fun getting know them!!! 

PLAYDATE #1.......................RAPUNZEL
When we had this playdate in December, Chandler had just gotten this life sized Rapunzel doll.  I guess she takes it everywhere.  Sheree said it's a good thing it's not summer or welfare would have been called on her by now for having what looks like a child locked in a car.  Too funny!!  So, Rapunzel got to spend a few hours with us. 
Chandler got to dress like Rapunzel in Caroline's dress.
They are both dressed like their dolls!!
How cute!!
Caroline decided that she wanted to read Chandler and Rapunzel some bible stories.
I think Chandler is more interested in the Hello Kitty. 
Chandler got tired of me taking pictures.  Can you tell???  Haha!!
They had fun playing up on Caroline's bed until Rapunzel "hit" Caroline. 
Oh Rapunzel......................

PLAYDATE #2.........................OU FOOTBALL
Landon, Sheree, Chandler, and Wyatt come over to watch the OU game with us.  Carter loved baby Wyatt and gave him his chicken nuggets even though Wyatt is only old enough for baby food.  Too bad I didn't get pictures of that.  Caroline had to have braids like Chandler's.  Aren't they cute!!!  When Sheree and I went in to check on the girls, we pulled back the covers and found tons of toys.  Those sneaky little things.......... I didn't even see them carrying them all into my bedroom.  Haha!!  We had a fun evening even though we missed Rapunzel.   

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