Sunday, January 23, 2011


FUN AT DAYCARE...............
Carter and Catch have now been in the same class for a couple of months.  They were seperated for a while when they moved Catch up but not Carter.  I have seen such a difference in him.  They are the youngest two in the class.  Here they are the afternoon after their Christmas party.  I love the seating arrangement.  Haha!!

Aww.  They sit together at the table!!
By this time, they were the last two at the table still eating.  
"I'm not leaving you Carter!!" 
THE CHRISTMAS PARTY...............
 A few evenings before Christmas, the Manley's had us and the Kesners over for a little Christmas gathering.  We always have fun when we get together.  I finally got to try Mark's amazing guacamole.  Brittany and Chris got Carter a fleece that matches Catch's, Caroline the cutest dress (which she is wearing below, and me the prettiest blue scarf.  Hopefully this is the start of many more holidays together!!

 Trying to get all the kids for a picture was no easy task!!!

Does Carter look a little jealous????
Catch making his silly face. 
There we go.......  now we're complete.  There's baby Kelli.

CHUCK E CHEESE............
After Christmas, we met Brittany, Catch, Bonnie, and Kelli at Chuck E Cheese for some playtime.  What a great idea.  They had so much fun!!  It was a good thing Jeremiah went because I would have never been able to keep my eye on both of them at the same time.  (Even though he spent most of the time playing games)  I think he enjoyed it more than anyone.  Haha!!!  We will definitely have to go back. 

The boys trying to climb up the slide.
Caroling playing basketball with Daddy.
Carter and Catch trying to play.
Brittany and Catch
Caroline with her new Nikes.
This car was fun at first..............
Then not so much..............
Then it was just scary.........  I was a little nervous when it rose up over my head an moved from side to side.  Poor Catch......... look at his face!!!  

These silly boys sure make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

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