Sunday, January 23, 2011


Caroline loves to play with Addison.  They really get along great.  These two would spend days together if Kathy and I let them.  This playdate was supposed to be a couple of hours where Caroline played at Addison's while I went to the store.  When I went to pick her up, they talked me into having her stay the night.  When I picked Caroline up the next morning, Addison came home with us and stayed until that evening.  They only had a couple of arguements toward the end of the night.  We played hard, watched Tinkerbell, and had some cookies.  Since then, Kathy had Caroline spend the night so I could work on my National Board stuff.  She knows how much work it is because she went through it 2 years ago.  Here are the pics...................
Carter sure enjoyed Addison!!
Oops....  Somebody is jealous!!
Addison gave him back.
Ummmm.......  Maple snickerdoodles and milk!!
Awww........... the boys had to sit at the kid's table. 
Watching Tinkerbell.

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