Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last night was Caroline's first ballet performance.  She did a great job.  Before it started, they were all supposed to sit on an X taped on the floor.  There was a girl on the only green one and Caroline wanted it.  She whined about it a little bit, and then as soon as the girl moved off of it, she jumped on it.  I thought there might be a fight there for a while.  When the music started and they were in their starting position, I just about bawled.  Then I looked around, holdng it in and saw that no one else was crying , so I thought I better control myself.  Here are lots of pics!!
Showing Becca her new outfit. 

  The fan club.

Upset about the green X situation

She got the green X

Starting position

Her favorite part.

Free dance.  So cute!!

We love Coach Katelyn!!

Nanno and Papa

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Karen said...

I am so happy that I at least got to see the video. I can tell you that a star was born that night. She loved the applause - I will never forget how her smile got bigger and bigger as the applause went on. What a great little dancer she is, too. Mimsy